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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2012 7:07pm-7:37pm EDT

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included those very same changes in his own budget so as you were saying mr. medicare is a promise and we will honor it. a romney ryan administration will protect and strengthen medicare for my mom's generation for my generation and for my kids and yours that's a lie a big lie better a fact yes paul ryan preserves medicare for his mom who's currently collecting medicare but not for future generations in fact the ryan plan for medicare explicitly ends the program as we know it for anyone under the age of fifty five who by the way has been paying into it all their life up until they were fifty five so when ryan says medicare will still be there for his generation is kids generation is lying because it won't be there at the end of the ryan plan future seniors will pay thousands of dollars more every year for health care than they currently pay today it is a lie but we're not done yet. it began with
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a perfect aaa credit rating for the united states it ends with a downgraded america. that's a lie president obama had nothing to do with credit the credit downgrade of the united states paul ryan sure did though it was up to congress to raise the debt limit last year republicans in the house led by little the likes of paul ryan dragged their feet in obstructed until the midnight hour leaving the s. and p. credit rating agency know of the choice but to downgrade our nation's credit rating as s. and p. explicitly said in their report on why they downgraded our credit rating it's because republicans refuse to put revenue raisers raising taxes on the table to reduce deficits as in piece said we have changed our assumption on revenue because the majority republicans in congress continue to resist any measures that would raise revenues now their words paul ryan is more responsible for the credit
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downgrade the iraq obama so no wonder he's a lie but let's move on to one more big fat lie. he created a new bipartisan debt commission they came back with an urgent report. he thinks them sent them on their way and then did exactly nothing that's a lie the president didn't kill the bowles simpson plan paul ryan killed it as bloomberg which isn't exactly a leftist publication points out representative paul ryan was a pivotal figure kill in the two thousand and ten bowles simpson agreement which republican presidential candidate mitt romney now holds out as a model for putting america's fiscal house in order ryan killed the plan because it raised a few taxes on the rich something paul ryan is not allowed to do because he signed multimillionaire lobbyist grover norquist tax pledge you'd be hard pressed right now to find one other convention speech in our nation's history riddled with more
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allies than paul ryan's which begs the question why why did paul ryan the rest of the republican party have to lie about their agenda well frankly it's because their agenda is based in fantasy actually it's even worse it's because their agenda is based on crippling the united states it's based on sucking the life out of the middle class and turning the united states into a corporatocracy an oligarchy they can't be honest about that their agenda is the same agenda that's been carried out over the last thirty years with disastrous results a shrinking middle class record poverty record wealth inequality it has just been carried out the united states by the way but all over the western world today europe is collapsing under the weight of it and paul ryan are republicans when the united states will suffer and even more catastrophic collapse and paul ryan knows it which is why he has to lie about it but the real tragedy in all this what should what should worry all of us the day after one of the most dishonest political
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speeches ever given is that our media isn't doing its job they aren't calling out the lies for example c.n.n. here was cnn's take on ryan's speech right after it was over. because my president to me. we're ok or this is exactly what the public hears the public. hoping for a power. there are people who are. not sure. if they want to go. very well but for mitt romney's campaign is concerned and ryan certainly on this miracle of its return the family obviously we were jotting down points there will be some issues there was some of the facts but it motivated people and he's a man this and i care deeply that every single word i want to do with it and he did deliver this nice clear passion. wolf says there are some issues the wolf the fact checkers might want to take
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a look at tell me well aren't you supposed to be the fact checker is that your job how about instead of calling his piece personally as clear and passionate you call it what it was one of the most dishonest political convention speeches in history how might you call it a speech that a politician running for one of the highest offices in the land should be thoroughly embarrassed by how might you do your job there's one specific industry mentioned in the constitution and that's the press in the first amendment the press the unofficial fourth branch of government the fourth estate is there to hold liars like paul ryan accountable and shed light on the disastrous consequences of his political agenda but today the press which is mostly owned by those very same corporate interests that are bankrolling the republicans radical agenda has largely ignored ryan's allies or only mention them briefly in passing it looks like the big lie strategy of romney ryan may succeed which would be a disaster for the united states. coming up enough about paul ryan's lies mitt
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romney is the man taking the stage at the r. and c. tonight a full preview from tampa of what to expect from romney right after the break. here is mitt romney trying to figure out a thing that. far left doesn't want the usa to defeat terrorism. to sell neighborhood. the olympics and the cause. of his public service because you know the corporate media distracts us from what you and i should care about because they're profit driven industry that sells a sensational stick garbage calls it breaking news i'm having martin and we're going to break this that.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture .
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of the capitol in town because i'm laura mr. you know i guess that mitt romney probably wants people to forget all about the money he has stashed in tax havens around the world like the cayman islands for his big speech tonight in the air and sea unfortunately his own big donors are sabotaging that plan members of what's called the romney victory council all of whom have raised more than a million bucks for the romney campaign have been partying aboard a luxury yacht in tampa bay since the convention started and guess what a flag that luxury yacht is flying. at the american flag it's the flag of the cayman islands one of the most a tourist tax havens in the world of course this shouldn't surprise us since vulture capitalists like mitt romney over their allegiance not to the country they
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were born and raised but instead to whichever country offers them the lowest tax rates and something tells me that will be the theme of mitt romney's big speech at the r n c tonight. so then what will be joining me now is john nichols washington correspondent the nation magazine and author of the book uprising john welcome back it's good to be with you tom before we get back to romney or big get to romney were you shocked by all the lies and ryan's speech last night absolutely shocked that that's precisely the word i've been using all day i had prepared a story you do interviews before and i really want to talk about how much republicans like paul ryan and also you know the challenge to reaching out to america beyond the base you know kind of a classic standard story i had to rip it up basically because there were so many lies told that that became the central reality of the speech more than any specific theme or any any style it was the this that he did see it was amazing to me i
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thought so too in fact we played a clip earlier of f.d.r. from one thousand nine hundred four talking about the big law and i just repeated over and over and over the this is the republican strategy it seems that you know if they tried it in forty four they're trying to begin now. what do you think romney's going to try and do tonight. what romney's task is actually a relatively easy one this convention is had an arc chris christie gave a ridiculous speech and it was dismissed as such frankly by a lot of republicans but on that same night and romney gave a speech that whether you like her or not would you like her politics or not basically began to lay the groundwork for suggesting that you know mitt romney is a kind of solid responsible guy he is going to complete that arc tonight and try and really do a significant measure of biography bizarrely you know this guy's been around for all this time a little reintroduction combined with a soft version of the romney ryan approach you know he'll tell you that he's going
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to give you a hard truth in reality i think it's going to be a lot of kind of soft messaging that. will be meant to moderate his image so at least somewhat you'll hear him talk about things that he will hope will be appealing to women and i think that he will probably i can't guarantee this i don't know it but i think he will probably point to the debt clock that has been running up in the order of the convention hall it's over eight billion now and i suspect that's the thing to make a big deal about that sort of. prop that they set up and use that as a way to frankly scare people into believing some of the things he says is right and there are many alone out there i mean and i want christie virtually didn't mention his name last night paul ryan's lies kind of stole the show as this convention done enough to boost romney's campaign. it has done some things to boost the republican campaign i think that paul ryan's speech was
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a strong base peach and i my gut is that they will get a little bit of a bump out of this convention at least a pointer to the challenge is going to come tonight whether it's more than a pointer to to achieve that mitt romney most dramatically exceed expectations you have to give literally that's beach it's like there's very little evidence that that's in him and so i don't know that it's not so we're going to do enough but with the low expectations for romney if he gives us solid speech and you know that people come away from saying you know yeah. that's a good presidential that probably be enough to get a really convention get that small bump they might even buy that we can have polling that shows a pointer to obama and they'll claim that that was something but not quite enough perhaps you know teddy roosevelt was a rich guy a tattoo is a rich guy franklin roosevelt was a rich guy all of them embraced that they all acknowledged it you know they teddy
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roosevelt would go on as planned and expeditions and franklin roosevelt had his mansion and it wouldn't romney be better off just embracing the fact that he's a rich guy i mean we've had all these rich presidents rather than all this constant trying to be like the average person and screwing it up. you know i really agree with you i thought this for a long time you know don't run from it just embrace it and you know look we live in a celebrity culture where there's an awful lot of emphasis on well you know the big life and so just do that the who that is and that emphasize the humane thing that you do that's that's a rather traditional model but for mitt romney there's a more complex thing he has to run from his biography and he doesn't he doesn't like to talk about his political accomplishment because they were as a moderate to liberal republican is really like to talk about a business accomplishment because they were the bolter capitalists his old family background is complex his father was born in mexico because his grandfather had
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fled to mexico because they didn't like the polygamy laws of utah and so the guy is stuck in kind of a weird place when it comes to telling your story and i think he's become hyper cautious about it. and you're right it's just simply say look i made a lot of money i'd like you to be able to make a lot of money much more effective message than this sort of dance around the kind of actually put training and stuff you remember that thing before the new hampshire primary where he said he was unemployed too yeah i mean and it was it was an attempt to be on like you guys are i understand or something like that and and it just didn't come off i mean just i think the same thing happened with van speech where she was going through all the people that she had met with their hard ass or people and like you know now i understand you don't understand and you know john nichols thanks a lot for being with us tonight good honor to be with you thank you. aside from offshore tax havens romney also wants people to ignore what's happening at
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a factory in freeport illinois at factory belongs to since saddam technology was released to did until mitt romney's bain capital took it over and the bank capital in charge of all one hundred seventy workers of that factory are about to lose their jobs over the last few months. since auto workers have been watching chunks of their factory packaged up and shipped off to china and all their jobs will be following suit by the end of the year thanks to a decision made by mitt romney's bain capital romney doesn't want you to know this is happening especially since he's running as a guy who says he's going to create twenty twelve million american jobs in his first term those workers as and sata do want you to know what's going on and one of them joins me right now cheryl radical has been at the plant for thirty three years and her job is about to be outsourced cheryl welcome back to the show thank you because i want to thank you we really appreciate your being with us what have some solder workers done to tell their story during the r. and c. . we actually delivered some signs down there to be took and put them right out of
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the convention we marched with some other protesters to different areas of tampa else actually went to blue invariants. bay known company then actually like back steakhouse we marched in front of there because well obviously we couldn't get into it so we were busy doing some protesting outside different locations and some restaurants where they were having i think governors. like a party. but it was good it was good to be around a lot of people that have the same concerns that we have about this. nominee elect and we just heard when it we got our voice heard even though we didn't get to see mitt romney and content him but we actually got a lot of media attention and we got the story out by telling it to the media and to the other people that we met was the best it's been received do you think yeah i
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think i think you know i think we did a very good job of getting everything to go out there what's it like at the factory as you're watching pieces of a gift chip away. it's becoming very. with everything that's slowly closing down i mean the machines are going away larry the time is running where got roughly twelve sixteen weeks at the most i myself i plan to be done by last friday where they're actually the first friday in the member so it's coming down to a close right now. that we're not going to give up we're going to keep playing that mitt romney is touting his business experience as proof that he knows how to create jobs you're dealing with romney's being capital right now what would you say that claim i would say you doesn't worry about create the jobs if you just let him here and we need good paying jobs so why are you outsourcing them to tell you know.
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it's it's a very very good question cheryl your fellow workers what are people planning on doing and yourself what it when these jobs are gone what do you do. we're going to try our best to carry on but we're not really sure what we're going to do because all of us are in an age range that it's kind of a really skiffs not just switch jobs just scared to start over i mean where i'm sorry i'm fifty two years old and starting over wasn't in my plan for this time in my life and i was actually playing i think to retire how long is your health or. thirty three years and then plant so most of the people working at the plant have been there ten twenty thirty years and oh yes and so now they're not there they're having literally their careers ripped out from underneath them and shipped off to china. that's devastating to us that's absolutely tragic cheryl ran decker thank
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you so much for being with us tonight i wish you the very best thank you let's keep the word out there oh yes. crazy alert gross profits from expensive x. permanent some people who go to the beach and vine shells others go to the beach and find driftwood and rocks but not eight year old charlie naismith he went to the beach in bournemouth england and found a giant piece of vomit but it wasn't your ordinary run of the mill human vomit it was whale vomit and that is very very valuable in fact the chunk of up chalk called ambergris could be worth up to sixty three thousand dollars because its use widely in the perf human industry because of its unique scent a few years earlier a couple in australia struck gold when they found a thirty two pound piece of will vomit worth nearly three hundred thousand dollars
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so next time you're at the beach stop sifting through the sand for shells start poking around for some puke. up next the republicans two thousand and twelve official platform is full of some pretty wacky stuff but one plank in particular is actually extremely dangerous to american democracy i'll tell you what that plank is and how the president is pushing back against it after the break.
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mr. just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old. i confess and i am a total get of friends that. have been had coffee and. he was kind of a yesterday. i'm very proud of the world with his plays.
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well go back to the big picture on tom marvin coming up in this half hour billionaires are having a field day this election season throwing their fortunes in a race is all over our nation thanks to citizens united obama is now poised to become the first incumbent president outspent by his opponent so maybe that explains why he's speaking up in favor of a constitutional amendment that our nation desperately needs also ignore what you hear from the right the united states does not have the best health care system in the world but can a startling new report we awaken the movement to bring a single payer universal healthcare system to the united states and later the republican tax master himself grover norquist recently gave
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a very telling interview to the financial times in tonight's daily take i'll tell you what he said and why we should all be worried about our nation if republicans win big in november. and the best of the rest of the news according to a recent reuters poll three quarters of americans believe there is too much money in our politics and seventy six. percent of americans believe all that money that has given the rich far more influence in government than average americans unfortunately for all those americans are on the verge of seen far more money spent in this coming election than any other election in our nation's history and we can thank the supreme court and its citizens united decision for that we can also think the republican party which just this week approved its official twenty twelve
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platform which calls for even more unfettered corporate millionaire and billionaire spending in our elections however despite all of this movement overturned citizens united with a constitutional amendment just got a big boost from none other than the president of the united states during a non line question and answer forum on reddit dot com president obama was asked to do something about the corrupting influence of money in politics post citizens united he responded by calling for the disclose act to be passed to at least add transparency to all the spending and then he went further saying over the longer term i think we need to seriously consider mobilizing a constitutional amendment process to overturn citizens united assuming the supreme court doesn't revisit it even if the amendment process falls short it can shine a light on the super pac phenomenon and pay and help apply pressure for change so what effect if any will the president's support have on the movement to kick corporations and very very wealthy people out of our democracy for more of those
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might happen tonio joins me now he's an attorney and host of the ring of fire radio program mike welcome back how are you i'm just great and i hope you're well too the president has spoken out against citizens united before but this is the first time he's in-doors to constitutional amendment do you think you might be feeling the heat now that he's about to be the first incumbent president who's been outspent. well he's certainly feeling the heat but he's a constitutional law professor himself and he understands that the chance of passing a constitutional amendment is slim to none i mean you've got the way it happens you can pass it through congress if you can get two thirds of congress congressional majority to say yeah we want to change the constitution or you can do it by constitutional convention where you have two thirds of the states in the united states say we want to change things that is not easy to do as a matter of fact none of the twenty seven the minutes to the constitution have taken place by way of a constitutional amendment so
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a constitutional convention excuse me so it's run against the wind but absolute i don't disagree i mean there's been to over twenty nine thousand proposed constitutional amendments in congress since the very first congress and we have a total of twenty eight or twenty nine that have passed but some of them i mean the amendment to undo prohibition or more recently the one to eighteen year olds to vote that was proposed in congress in march and it was ratified by the states and either august or september of the same year because there was a national in fact i think that that song eve of destruction you know you're old enough to kill but not to vote and so i really think that song was what drove that constitutional amendment and people are waking up and people are getting really pissed off isn't it possible that there could be a large enough movement that we could see something like that. well i think i think president obama may have been right about the it's certainly something that would raise everybody's concern i mean at some point you can put enough pressure on
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congress by putting pressure on the people by having the people so upset that they put pressure on congress that's the that's the most likely way for this for this to take place and when he said we can shine a light on the corruption that's taken place by way of political money the eight billion dollars in super pacs this going to go into this election i think what he was trying to say is look this is the best we can do is is is is move it by moving the people but the framers of the constitution and you know this they create out of article five that document there was serious disagreement about whether how we ought to go about a minute in the constitution you had one part of the framers that said it should be it should be a liberal fairly easy process we should make it something where we can we shouldn't have to live in a government that was written by it was framed by people who are now dead it's a living document and then the other side of it is what you call the originalist in
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unfortunately in america right now the numbers show most people are afraid to do anything to the constitution certainly by way of constitutional convention so it is a very long shot if you really consider what i was and i personally would be totally opposed to a constitutional convention because that's like opening the whole thing up to tinker with in the middle of a time when when the when billionaires and corporations are allowed to spend piles of money but i could see a single constitutional amendment possibly the one that moved to amend or is proposing for example i'm actually a fan of that but but but maybe i'm just you know one of those hopeful ideals i'm curious your thoughts on what's going on at the r. and c. so far. well they are in ca at this point they're having it's almost every day they're having to put forward ideas that on their face we see that there's really no truth to it i've never seen anybody get a beating is bad.


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